5 Reasons Why We Are The Best Fertilization Company In Naples

By: Jeff

Why We Are The Best Fertilization Company in SWFL:

It takes a lot of referrals and success stories to become as trusted as we are in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers.

Here are a few reasons of how we best our competitors.

5. Customer Retention

With being in business this many years we have built up a base of valuable customers. Each customer we have gotten has been referred to us by their friends, families, or professional lawn services. Our main source of growth is customer loyalty to our services and results. The results are in! We have a 97% Customer Retention Rate after 3 years.

4. Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians have at least 5 years experience in the Fertilization and Pest Control fields. We put an emphasis on continued training and education of all technicians. As many know, the landscape of your lawn is ever-changing in SWFL; we have dedicated time and effort to train technicians to spot new problems and to treat old problems. We have been the first company to discover new insects/pests on our coast many times. We have also been the first to know how to treat the new infesters. Our attention to detail on your property assures your property is well taken care of.

3. Customer Communication

We are a pro-active company and we talk to you. We pride ourselves in making sure there is no grey area in our services and expectations. We have Quarterly Newsletters that we e-mail to our customers letting them know potential pest threats we face and updates on current or on-going issues regarding our SWFL climate. We think of you first strive to catch problems before they happen, and let you know that we have caught the problem.

2. Custom Blended Fertilizers

We have customized all of our blends of fertilizer to suit our SWFL soils. Fertilizer can make or break a yard, many fertilizers are filled with chunk material and filler. It may look like your fertilizer company is throwing out fertilizer, but they are actually raising your soil pH and saving money by including over 50% filler fertilizer. Our fertilizer has NO filler. We have taken out the filler and have customized our blends to be 100% usable material.

1. Results

Our results speak for themselves, as you click around our website or our reviews online you can easily see that we have provided great service and great results. Maybe you heard of us from a friend or family member, or maybe you are seeing us online, either way as our customer you have a litany of resources with our company that are not provided with any other Pest Control Fertilization Company. View our Gallery, our Featured Projects and give us a call or e-mail and we can get you on our program to success.

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