5 Reasons Why Your Grass Isn’t As Green As It Should Be

By: Jeff

The Green Grass Formula

The Green Grass Formula seems so simple, yet day in and day out your neighbor’s yards are shades brighter than yours. We handle thousands of lawns across Southwest Florida so we’ve seen it all, from companies applying cheap chemicals, to fertilizing with cheap chunk material and fillers. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why your grass isn’t as it should be!

  1. Liquid Fertilizers don’t do the trick.

Without a solid granular fertilization program, your lawns ability to build up beneficial organisms is hindered and your lawn slowly declines year in and year out. The companies that only provide liquid fertilization’s all seem to be the same. They have a new spray technician every few months and they are always trying to up-charge you for something. Meanwhile, your lawn is on the brink of disaster; you try to call the company and are given the run-around. Sure these guys are 10% cheaper, but they also haven’t applied anything to help your grass in over 4 months.

2. Your Maintenance Guy Has No Clue.

Granular fertilizer is expensive to the common lawn man. They have to spend time running to the store, buy it for over $30 a bag, bring it to your property and push spread the whole yard. They pass all the cost onto you. The inefficiency of their operation is costing you money. Not only that, one of the highest margins a maintenance company gets is for overcharging you on granular fertilizer.

3. Poor Fertilization Timing by All-In-One Companies.

All-in-one maintenance/fertilization companies make a killing on not applying fertilizer during the right time of the year. Lawn fertilizer should always be going out in October, especially on Zoysia grass. But by waiting until December to fertilize, these companies can stop mowing weekly earlier than if they fertilized at the right time. By stopping mowing earlier, it means you can seasonally lay guys off earlier and profit off of not having to maintain the lawn. This is bad for your yard. Your grass cannot properly take up the fertilizer being put down in December. Which results in nutrient runoff and volatilization of fertilizer. But your All-in-one company just made a killing off you!

4. Your Pest Control/Fertilization Company

Almost every Pest Control/Fertilization company in SWFL has no clue what is actually in their fertilizer. They choose the cheapest thing at the local fertilizer store and it’s filled with inactive ingredients, also called “fillers”, and these may include sand, granular limestone, and sawdust. Your grass most likely looks bad because of this problem. Having a company with limited knowledge on this subject leads to them being ripped off by the middlemen in the fertilizer market, and in turn pass that cost down to you 2x over.

5. Reactive vs Proactive – Companies don’t communicate.

Reactive companies are ones that come every 6-8 weeks and spray cheap products with what seems like a new spray technician every week. They don’t seem to want to communicate with your Maintenance Company who is there weekly to jump on problems together and quick. These companies love blaming each other’s service for the way your lawn looks. Combine the lack of experienced technician with the lack of communication, mix in some cheap chemicals and pour on infrequent home visits and you have yourself a heap of problems.

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