Championing a Sustainable Environment with Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Projects in SWFL

By: Jeff

To wake up next to a beautiful vast of greenery is a Midsummer Night’s Dream anybody could enjoy. It is truly therapeutic to start and end your day with a daily dose of nature’s healing spell plus a little cup of positivity.

You need not go to parks to immerse yourself in lush greenscapes. We at Terra Garden Solutions can bring that experience to your lawn with exceptional services that cater to any turf problems.

This week, we worked with several homeowners to provide them the results they’ve always wanted. Check them out below.

Picture-perfect Lawn in Naples? Check This Out!

Below is a visual presentation of what our skilled team can offer. This project is located in the large expanse of land known as Golden Gate Estates, Naples. Our client, who has been with us for four months, acquired a healthy and appealing lawn with our help. Plus, she also saved a lot of money by switching to our services.

Golden Gate Estates is known for having huge lot sizes. The lot of this particular client was no exception. It takes 30-40 minutes to service this lawn with each visit, which is part of our regular service. 40 minutes is quite a lot of time, but having her yard look better than ever is definitely worth the effort.

Acquiring a lush landscape while saving money is indeed one heck of a deal. This is something we always assure our clients will have when they choose us.

Always Dreamt of Having a Captivating Lawn? We Can Make It Happen.

Have you ever been to Florida? The lawn in this picture is located in Bonita Springs, a beautiful part of Florida sitting between Naples and Estero. With the beautiful scenery that the area has to offer, a lot of people love visiting Bonita Springs in the summer. Every visit to this community is quite nostalgic for me because it reminds me of where I grew up. The lawns here are generally established. They have tons of organisms that provide a helping hand when it comes to making the grass have an enticing green color.

Many newer communities are not lucky enough to have such beneficial organisms built up in their soil. If you live in such a community, there’s no need to fret. We at Terra Garden Solutions can solve with our fertilization programs!

For this project, we successfully took care of the turf so that it becomes better-nourished. The Terra Garden Solutions team achieved this with our regular schedule consisting of three lawn sprays, three granular fertilizers, and weed control every service. It usually takes one person 10 to 15 minutes to go through this lawn. Easy as ABC!

This particular photo has an amusing story, as well. Our last service there was fertilization. The homeowner called us, saying there was something wrong with her lawn. Because we always take customer feedback seriously, we had a technician check the lawn within the day.

Weirdly enough, we assessed the lawn and found nothing to be amiss. We called our client immediately to tell her our findings. She then sent us this picture and said, “Look at my lawn compared to my neighbors. My lawn looks like it has a shadow over it even though it doesn’t.” Her worries were actually a massive compliment to our services! Her grass was so green and healthy that it created the illusion of having a shadow over it. Now our client is worry-free and delighted with our work.

Do you want to bring your dream lawn to come to life? Call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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