Collaborating with Clients for Great Lawn Maintenance Projects This Fourth Week of June

By: Jeff

Guess what, Naples residents? Naples was just declared the number 1 beach town to live in based on WalletHub’s study. This study was based on their livability metrics, ranging from water quality to housing costs. It looks like our city passed these metrics with flying colors! Read more about it here.

There are a lot of aspects that make Naples a great beach city to live in. And one of them is how the city is filled with beautiful green landscapes. These lush and blooming spaces in our yards and urban areas greatly improve our well-being, with a variety of benefits that include improved air quality, cooler surroundings, and increased happiness.

For these reasons, the work we do at Terra Garden Solutions is truly worthwhile. Our team loves keeping your lawns healthy and well-maintained to do our part in making Naples a better place. This week, we feature a few of our lawn care projects to show you what we can do for you and your lawn.

Sustainable Lawn Maintenance Creates Beautiful Greenery in Livingston Woods

Welcome to Livingston Woods! Our client is lucky to have such a beautiful scenic Florida view from his very backyard. He signed up for our services over four years ago, and he has been a loyal customer ever since!

The first service we performed on his turf set the pace for his lawn to be green and healthy for years to come. You can thank our specialized program for that! The programs we at Terra Garden Solutions design are customized based on soils in different areas. Various types of soils have varying needs, thus we adapt with our products based on the soil composition.

The lawn you see above is a splitting image of what working with us for years is like. There are plenty of companies out there who just get your lawn looking good once and never again. With Terra Garden Solutions, we keep it looking amazing over and over!

Team Work Produces Great Turf Results in Naples FL

This project is with another regular client in Naples, who was one of our first ever customers from five years ago. We have performed our regular service here for years. Our custom-blended fertilizer keeps his yard healthy and lush, adding to the soil’s health over years to help it stay healthy for longer.

One thing we enjoy about working with this property is how involved the owner is. Whenever we drop by, we always see him outside adding to the beauty of his yard by planting new trees, landscape plants and more. His commitment to his yard is clearly seen from his corner lot when passing by.

It just goes to show that the great results we at Terra Garden Solutions produce are taken to a higher level thanks to our dedicated clients!

Keeping Pesky Animals (No Matter How Cute) Out of Your SWFL Lawn

Have you seen these around your lawn? Well, they might be sniffing around for tasty treats! Rabbits and deers just love to eat landscape plants and it’s hard to get them to stop. Don’t worry because Terra Garden Solutions has a service that can help you protect your lawn from these hungry animals. For only $99, you get one application of our effective deer & rabbit repellent!

Do you need lawn care with long-lasting results? Or are there rabbits and deers eating up your plants and turf? Call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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