Delighting Homeowners in Southwest Florida with Lush Landscapes This End of June

By: Jeff

When it comes to homes, it’s not just the insides that count. Your rooms could be as clean and organized as can be, but your guests and neighbors might get the wrong impression if your lawn is yellow, dry, and unkempt. So how do we beautify the outdoor greenscapes on our properties? No, you don’t need intricate walkways or dancing water fountains for your lawn to look the best. Natural elements like flora are enough to accentuate your home’s appearance!

Emerald-green turf, blooming flowers, and healthy trees are enough to make any lawn look appealing. Unfortunately, achieving this takes a lot more than just mowing regularly. You need to have dedication, time, and effort when it comes to maintenance, fertilization, and any necessary problem-solving.

For homeowners in Southwest Florida who need extra help in lawn care, we at Terra Garden Solutions are always happy to help. Here are a few homeowners we’ve assisted recently. Take a look! Who knows, it might just convince you to give our services a try.

Unruly Weeds on Marco Island are No Match For Our Lawn Services

We started this project on Marco Island over four months ago. Through our attentive lawn care program, we have gotten our client’s weeds under control. Their turf responded beautifully, achieving our “Terra Garden” shade of green! Other lawns on their street pale in comparison. When driving around this area, you can always tell which properties we have worked with. If it’s greener than the rest, it’s definitely Terra Garden Solutions.

Persistence is Key When It Comes to Achieving Green Landscapes

This next project is still on Marco Island. They just love us there! We spent a year trying to get this account. When they finally switched over, we started the program to show them what a great decision they made. They’ve been with us for over a year, and what you see pictured above is the result of several months of hard work.

Their property is now greener than green. Plus, their palms look a lot healthier than before. Our client can now enjoy showing off their corner lot for everyone to see!

Unique Lawns for Unique Homes on Marco Island

Still, on Marco Island, we started this project over three years ago. We were driving down the street when we noticed this property. Our first thought was that with a house so architecturally unique, they should have a captivating lawn to match as well!

After striking a conversation with the homeowners who had just moved in, they hired us on the spot. Since then, they haven’t regretted that decision. Thanks to our services, their lawn, plants, and palms have always been the best on their street.

To tap into your property exterior’s full curb appeal with beautiful greenery, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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