Florida Winter Months

By: Ken Wilson

By: Mitchell Lockard

Our Terra Garden team sincerely hopes that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season. We are proud to be going into the New Year with you as a customer.

There are a couple tips I would like to recommend as we go into the colder months. During our winter months, we have less daylight than we do in the summer, this means that your lawn will not need to be watered as often as usual. Most lawns will suffice with watering once per week. If you happen
to see any yellowing areas in your yard, please contact the office prior to adding additional water to your lawn. This yellowing is usually caused by fungus and excessive watering can lead to spreading fungus. Upon receiving your call, we will schedule time for your technician to come out to diagnose and treat your yard.

Please keep in mind that also during these colder months, grass such as Bermuda and Zoysia may go dormant. Not to worry though, this is common of these grasses and your lawn will be back to normal once our warmer weather returns.

On another note regarding plants and palms, it is important to protect your tropical plants and palms from any frost or freeze conditions. This is especially important for all customers located East of I-75. You can successfully protect these plants and palms by securing a sheet or frost
blanket to keep them warm.

We look forward to serving you this year and wish
you a safe and happy New Year!

About the author 

Ken Wilson

Long time career in the home services industry from remodeling to patio construction. Currently residing to in SWFL and active contributor to multiple home & garden publications.