Green Developments this Third Week of April

By: Jeff

The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club are quite historical, and the Naples City Council approved a proposal to redevelop the location. They plan on turning it into a world-class resort while preserving the golf course as a green space. You can read more about the development here.

We at Terra Garden Solutions have been preserving green spaces all over Florida as well! From resort hotels to exclusive neighborhoods in Naples, we have kept communities and clients happy with healthy plants and grass. Here are the green developments we got to work on this week.

Helping the Greyhawk Community Stay Green and Blooming

Greyhawk is a new community with over 150 homes, some of which are still being built out currently. Located East on the Vanderbilt Beach Road, the locals are enjoying their brand new houses and resort-like amenities. But homes with brown lawns and dead shrubs aren’t very appealing no matter what facilities a neighborhood has!

The grass in Greyhawk used to be quite lackluster until Terra Garden Solutions took over lawn maintenance in October. We did a complete turn around by applying organic fertilizers and insecticides. Our team takes a more proactive than reactive approach because it lessens our environmental impact on Planet Earth.

With how healthy their turf is and how blooming their plants are, the community now looks as if it was painted green! Maybe they should consider changing their name to Greenhawk instead.

Creating Beautiful Sceneries at La Playa Hotel

We want our special days to be as perfect as possible, and venues that look unattractive don’t make the cut. Landscaped properties with well-manicured green spaces create alluring locations for outdoor events. For this wedding held at La Playa Hotel, guests got to have their cocktail hour on gorgeously-green grass.

But La Playa Hotel’s grass didn’t just magically turn green! We at Terra Garden Solutions have handled this property for over a year now. Unlike ordinary lawns, their grass is seashore paspalum, which needs to be more salt-resistant because of how near the hotel is to the beach. The grass also has to deal with winds whipping at 40 miles per hour, which lessens salt tolerance!

Our team created a custom fertilization plan for this turf. We had to apply a special product to help fight salt toxicity in the grass. The fertilization plan we customized uses only slow release products. This creates a proactive and environment-friendly solution for any issues with the turf. Now, whenever hotel guests enter the back of the hotel, they get to enjoy this view.

Boosting Curb Appeal at LeDaufin

This property is named “LeDaufin,” which means The Dolphin. Although there are no sea creatures at this upscale beachfront residential building, there is beautifully healthy turf with blooming hibiscus that pops out. Their lawn didn’t always look this good though.

When we took over at the beginning of the year, the grass was full of weeds. We revamped the area by applying custom-blended herbicide and fertilizer. Within one month, we were thrilled to hear the property owner say that LeDaufin’s turf never looked better!

Happy Clients at Wilshire Lakes

We actually did not take the photo for this project. Our satisfied customer at Wilshire Lakes sent us the picture because of how delighted she was with the way her lawn looked. She has been our loyal customer for about six years now. Their community is a gorgeous subdivision with unique homes, but she has continually had the best-looking lawn on her street ever since she chose Terra Garden Solutions.

Our team applied pre-emergent herbicides on her turf. This effectively fought the weeds that were continually bombarding her lawn. Although pre-emergent herbicides are not part of our regular program, the additional cost was worth it. We also incentivized microbes to help the soil build up over time.

Her lawn has been the greenest in Wilshire Lake for years. Her neighbors were so impressed that they contacted us as well!

The transformations we have worked on make every project worthwhile. Would you like your lawn to look as amazing as the ones we featured? You can contact us today, and we would be delighted to help you with our services.

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