Green Solutions to Solve Lawn Care Problems in Southwest Florida

By: Jeff

How was your Fourth of July? We hope you had a blast. From Naples to Fort Myers, people all over Southwest Florida celebrated Independence Day with festivals and fireworks. Beautiful lights filled up the night sky. It truly was a sight to behold!

We at Terra Garden Solutions beautify SWFL our own way. We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting our custom blend of fertilizer to suit the different types of soil in the area. We make sure to invest in our product so that we quickly provide results that last without damaging your turf.

That’s exactly what we did for our four clients just this week. Check out our latest projects below!

The Greenest Grass on Forrest Ct, Marco Island

Two homeowners on Forrest Ct, Marco Island had previously signed up with us. The owner of the property pictured above saw how our clients had the greenest grass on the street. And guess what? They decided to call us and sign up for our services as well.

We added them to our normal program. Now, they are reaping the rewards of not only saving money from what they were paying, but their landscape is healthier than ever! Best lawn care decision they ever made, right?

Say Goodbye to Marco Island Weeds and Hello to Healthy Lush Turf

Next up, another project on Marco Island. This homeowner was having trouble with areas of dayflower weeds and crabgrass. Dayflower is a feisty little weed that can’t be wiped out easily by commercial herbicides. Crabgrass, on the other hand, grows in your lawn’s bare spots and produces thousands of seeds. Before the weeds could take over our client’s lawn, they called for our help.

We put them on our program, which includes lawn fertilization. With the help of fertilizer, nutrients are released over time, strengthening the turf and filling in any bare patches. This allows grass to maximize space and resources so that weeds are controlled.

Within months, we were able to see amazing results in this turf. Our client now comes home to a landscape that has been well cared, something they can definitely show off to their guests.

Amazing Lawn Transformation in Treviso Bay

Our next project takes us to Treviso Bay. The specific subdivision in the picture is called Venezia. Our client’s property was in shambles before our services. They had chinch bugs, which are tiny pests that can cause major damage. Plus, they were also struggling with dollar weeds that spread throughout lawns quickly. Don’t forget their grass had not been fertilized in over ten months!

Our special lawn fertilizer worked with the important nutrients in their soil to bring about great results. Their property was turned around, and we turned them into lifelong Terra Garden customers! Because of how well this property looks, we continue to pick up more communities in Treviso Bay. One by one, we were able to provide more homes with green solutions that take care of their lawns AND the environment.

Custom Fertilizer Blends for Longshore Lakes Clients

Lastly, we have this home in Longshore Lakes. Their area has such a high pH, so we had to use our special fertilizer blend that is custom tailored to their soils.

Other lawn companies fertilize the soil with whatever they buy over the counter. WIthout taking certain factors like soil PH into consideration, lawns will not easily retain color. Because these companies don’t provide the proper fertilizer blend, lawns will usually just stay green for two to four weeks.

At Terra Garden Solutions, we always use the perfect fertilizer. We wouldn’t want to waste your time and money! Just take a look at this green landscape. You can clearly see the difference on this street between the clients that are ours, and others. We hope that their neighbors notice the difference, too. With our help, they can save money and have better looking and healthier landscapes!

If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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