Happy Lawns, Happy Life in Naples This Fourth Week of April

By: Jeff

We have great news for all Naples-area residents! Our city ranked the highest for well-being on the latest Gallup National Health Index. We have the highest scores for social well-being, financial well-being, and community well-being. It’s no surprise with all the healthy lifestyle improvement initiatives launched by our local government. You can read more about how we topped the survey here.

Terra Garden Solutions has been doing our part in keeping residents happy and healthy by maintaining the green spaces in Southwest Florida. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Taking Care of the Scenery at Bonita Springs FL

Picturesque, isn’t it? This is Bonita National, a luxurious gated community with the most gorgeous homes Bonita Springs has to offer. The resort-style community creates an active lifestyle for its residents, with many amenities and activities. The people here love taking walks around the property, especially with the captivating landscape. But how will the residents keep it beautifully green on their own?

That’s where we come in. Their homeowners’ association tasked us with lawn maintenance so residents can have the free time to take as many scenic strolls as they want. As much as we admire the beauty of Bonita National, it’s a lot of hard work considering how large the community is. With over 500 homes and condos, it’s a huge job that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Maintaining the turf takes a 10-man team with a project span of over seven work days. Plus, our crew has to battle chinch bugs and wet conditions, as a corkscrew swamp sanctuary is located nearby. But as you can see from the pictures below, we have kept their turf beautifully green year round!

Making Estero the Place To Be With Lawn Maintenance

Here’s another big project we worked on in The Place, a community in Estero with over 250 homes. Although there are less homes compared to Bonita National, the lots were considerably larger! It was no problem at all for our crew of six, who toiled in the soil for two and a half weeks to complete the job of fertilizing the entire property.

Even though we are experts, we had to face the challenge of working with the soil composition The Place had. Now here’s the science part! Their soil had limited amounts of microbes, meaning that it was living off our fertilizers instead of processing nitrogen efficiently itself. With such limited microbes, it can take up to three years of building the soil with our organic blend before the lawn stabilizes year round.

But Terra Garden Solutions works very quickly (and that’s why new construction companies love hiring us). We solved the problem by adding something special to our fertilizer blend so healthy soil microbes will naturally grow. Thanks to us, the nitrogen cycle can run its course and create a gorgeous landscape of green spaces for their residents to enjoy.

Regular Proactive Care for the Turf at Marco Island

At Terra Garden Solutions, we are always thrilled to work with our long-term clients. This client in Marco Island loves our services so much, they have hired us to take care of their lawn and garden for over four years now. We even rescued them from a big chinch problem before.

Are you wondering how we did it? The answer is simple! While other pest control companies come only eight to ten times a year, we take the initiative to conduct our services 12 times a year. This reinforces our proactive approach in lawn maintenance, saving lawns from getting taken over by pests.

With these healthy green spaces, we have created an oasis of relaxation for individuals and communities alike. Would you like your lawn to be a safe place for you and your family to have fun and relieve stress? Feel free to reach out to us and we will be delighted to assist you.

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