Healthy Lawn, Healthy Environment: Eco-Friendly Lawn Care in SWFL

By: Jeff

Now that the outset of the rainy season is upon us, it’s high time we spend more of our days out here in the bright, lovely, warm sun before the rains start to pour. Take this time to go out and have fun in the great outdoors – go on a walk, bask in the sun, and enjoy every ray!  

And you know what, that’s exactly what we did while working on our latest project where we were given the honor of working on a lovely home near a bay. It required a bit of extra care as it was so near the waterways, but of course, that’s never a problem with our inherently eco-friendly solutions.

Our Lawn Care Job on Marco Island, Florida

This project was given to us by one of the high-end builders on Marco Island. The home overlooks a gorgeous bay, with scenery that is serene and picturesque. We could hardly stand the thought of that view being ruined by a poorly-cared-for lawn, so we stepped in to offer our professional help.

It was a simple one-man job that didn’t require too much time, taking just about 20 minutes per treatment. BUT it required precision, attention to detail, and dedication to bring out the best results – something only experts like us can pull off!

Now, whenever we take on projects like this, we always have to consider it as a whole. We think about things like how the lawn would affect the aesthetics of the home. Our team also takes into consideration how the lawn could possibly help in increasing the property’s land value. We’ve done both successfully many times over, which is why we get builders across Southwest Florida to use our services.

That’s right, we don’t just beautify lawns. We help sell homes!

After all, a big part of building lies in perception. If the lawn looks great, who’s to say the insides wouldn’t either, right? Perfection starts from the first look of the property and extends to the inside of the home. It’s all a matter of perspective! As the old saying goes, “The first impressions are the most important.”

Check out Barkley soaking in the sun while enjoying our client’s lush grass. He knows what’s up! The adorable pup loved the yard, and why wouldn’t he? The grass was as green as could be, and that’s because of the diligence that went into maintaining this lawn. PLUS, without pesky flea and tics in the turf thanks to our protection services, we don’t have to pick off little hitchhikers in his hair. A real lawn like this can provide comfort and health for your pets as well.

Specialized Lawn Care for the Discerning Homeowner

Remember – this project had its lawn so close to the water that the grass backed up right to it, with nothing but a sea wall to keep it all in.

Thus, we minimized run off down to nil. We really place a great deal of effort in ensuring that the waterways remain healthy and free from harmful chemicals seeing as it’s our professional and personal responsibility to the environment. That and of course the fact that we live here, too.

We only spray 3 times a year, and the majority of our fertilizer is slow release so that we don’t have to apply it anytime near the rainy season at all. In fact, our fertilization schedules put our last session a full 3 months before the rainy season. This ensures that the nitrogen can take its time seeping into the soil without us having to worry about it running off into the water.

It’s also important to note that our fertilizers are phosphorus-free. Phosphate mining destroys natural habitats. We don’t want to contribute to that, so we went with a special 50% slow release nitrogen blends instead.

Environmentally-friendly and efficient. That’s a win! But there’s more to this story…

The Grass is Greener Because We Care for the Water

Water is one of our most important natural resources, Without it, we wouldn’t survive. Thus, Terra Garden Solutions makes sure to use responsible practices whenever we perform our services. Unfortunately, other companies aren’t as careful.

To save costs, these companies tend to use fertilizer blends that are high in nitrogen and phosphate. Plus, they apply the fertilizer during the rainy season which causes runoff. Sadly, that gunk oftentimes ends up in our waterways.

That’s my father, with his dog Penny, pictured above. He and I fought for the cause of clean water on Marco Island several years ago. We proposed a ban on nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers during the rainy season, which comes up to about 4 months a year where it can’t be used (June 1 to September 31). We won that fight, and a ban is now in place. You can read all about our fight here.

Our top priority at Terra Garden Solutions has always been to keep our environmental footprint clean. Our careful product selection coupled with our mindful processes ensure that this rule is always upheld. We even developed a fertilization program 15 years ago that was both environmentally friendly and effective on grass.

With our program of environmentally advanced products plus our mindfulness of the waterways, there is no other competition in our area that can compete with our production on beautiful properties and environmentally conscious practices.

Do you want to keep your lawn healthy while taking care of the environment? Call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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