Keeping Grass Green and Achieving Healthy Lawns in Southwest Florida

By: Jeff

It’s the first week of August! Students (and parents) all over Southwest Florida know what that means. Our carefree summer vacation is almost over—pool toys are out, and school books are in. That might not be great news for kids who relish not having to wake up early in the morning. Neither is it much fun for the parents who need to go out and buy school supplies.

BUT (and that’s a big but), Florida has a sales tax shopping holiday. Parents rejoice! It runs from August 2 until August 6, with items including technology exempt from tax. Make sure you stock up on coupons as well, since they still apply during the sales tax holiday. You can learn more about how you can save on school supplies here.

Our clients at Terra Garden Solutions also get great savings.  Because of our affordable and proactive lawn care solutions, the turf, blooms, and trees of our clients are saved from potentially expensive problems before things get any worse. Check out the different properties we got to work on this week below!

Lawn Pest Control For Chinch-Free Turf in Fort Myers

Welcome to Westbrook, a family-oriented community in Fort Myers. With such green lawns, the neighborhood looks amazing, right? This community had a very serious problem before we started though—a chinch bug infestation.

Because tiny chinch bugs had taken over their lawns, their formerly healthy green grass was starting to look wilted and yellow. These small black bugs can literally suck the life out of your turf. If we hadn’t been quick to act, it could have been too late to save the grass. Our client would have had to spend a lot replacing every section of dead grass!

Fortunately, since getting on our normal service program, the community has been free of chinch bugs. The quality green lawns that are the product of our team’s hard work now make the homes worth that much more!

Efficient Lawn Care Services for Large Properties in Bonita National

We don’t just work on residential lawns! These pictures are of common areas in Bonita National, a community known for their healthy lifestyles of their residents. With people so active, they need wide, open green spaces for their daily activities.

Our team serviced the greenscapes of commons, homes, condominiums and more. Despite the sheer scope of the size of the properties in Bonita National, we were able to treat every individual property with attention to detail. We follow a very systematic approach to making sure one area is perfect before going to the rest. And as you can see, this has resulted in lush and healthy turf everywhere we work!

If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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