Micronutrients for Macro Effects in This Week’s Naples Lawn Care Project

By: Jeff

Great news for all Southwest Florida residents! Cirque du Soleil (or Circus of the Sun) is in town—at the Hertz Arena in Estero to be exact. Discover the unique carnival-like theatrical experience that includes stunts that defy death, whimsical costumes, and high-flying acrobatics. They’re only here until July 21, so don’t miss out!

Like the Circus of the Sun, we also enjoy brightening up the SWFL area, but this time, in beautiful shades of green. Thanks to our team’s hard work, our clients are able to enjoy luscious landscaping that is filled with healthy turf and blooming flowers. We were able to create one such high-quality greenscape for a local community this week. Read all about it below!

You Never Want to Run Away from Runaway Bay

Welcome to Runaway Bay! This community in Fiddlers Creek features Mediterranean-style single-family homes. Residents can have access to a variety of amenities, including beach access, the marina, as well as the golf course. Don’t forget the hundreds upon hundreds of acres dedicated to nature preserves. It definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy!

From the golf course to the nature preserves to the lawns of the homes themselves, green spaces play a huge role in beautifying Runaway Bay. The residents wouldn’t be very happy if the turf in the community was dry, unhealthy, and dying, right? Well, this community had a LOT of problems before they started our contract a year ago. Their lawns hadn’t been granularly fertilized in over 3 years! Because of that, the micronutrients in the soil were depleted and there was absolutely no build-up of healthy microbes. What a nightmare.

Micronutrients have macro effects on our turf. These tiny things give energy not just for plants, but also for other life forms. For turf to have a healthy metabolism, there must be a sufficient supply of micronutrients in the soil.  Although we only need small quantities of these elements, turf health is adversely affected without them. Your plants will suffer, and the effects are very visible.

Green Solutions for Soil Deficiencies in Fiddlers Creek

We started them out in our normal program with a special add-on. Our team did one special application of microbe-building nutrients on the whole property. Doing so will correct any insufficiencies in the soil so that their turf will be lusher, greener, and healthier.

This property was in dire need and to see it now flourishing is a really tall task for how demanding the soils were here. Micronutrients are an often overlooked aspect of lawn fertilization, but many people don’t know that the right micronutrients can pay big dividends in turfgrass health.

As part of our regular program, it takes our eight-man team one day to service this 100+home community. Because of our crew’s efforts, we are able to create the right nutrient balance in the soil so that Runaway Bay’s lawns are sustainable and successful. We at Terra Garden Solutions make sure to quickly get all necessary nutrients to the lawns in the most eco-friendly and effective method possible.

Just look at the amazing results!

Getting Ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At Terra Garden Solutions, we don’t just care for the health of the lawns we service. We also care about the well-being of the community. Breast Cancer Awareness Month might still be months away, but we have prepared signs to increase awareness of breast cancer.

We are legally obligated to put signs down when we service properties. So why not have a positive message on our signs as well? Let’s all work together to help women in need and spread positivity in the community.

Do you need micronutrients in your lawn care program? Are you unsure if you do? Call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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