Our Featured Projects—The Grass is Always Greener on Our Side

By: Jeff

There’s more to the concept of health and wellness than diet and exercise. There are a lot of things we can do to live longer, especially for all of the seniors out there. It’s not just regular visits to the doctor or getting lab tests done. Whatever your age is, you need to take a holistic approach in order to live a life that is healthy and happy.

There are other ways of improving your life’s quality aside from physical wellness. We have our emotional and spiritual health as well. People tend to disregard these aspects because they believe being physically fit is enough. What they don’t see is that our emotions are strong enough to cause negative reactions inside our bodies.

Beautiful landscapes such as well-kept gardens can help us emotionally and spiritually. It has been scientifically proven that these green spaces can help lessen headaches, dizziness, and stress. Green spaces do not only look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but they also provide great benefits for our emotional and mental health. And if you’re thinking of beautifying landscapes in order to experience that zen feeling, Terra Garden Solutions is here to the rescue!

Just this week, we were able to work on a couple of projects involving landscaping, garden work and the like. Read further to learn more about it.

It’s So Green, That Even Owls Love It!

During one of our projects, we noticed something unusual – we noticed that it wasn’t just our clients who liked our work. No, we aren’t just talking about their neighbors! Animals enjoy the green spaces we create, as well.

When you look closely at the grass blades above, you can see a burrowing owl relaxing on the perch in front of the street. While this is a common sight to see on Marco Island, these strange, long-legged avians seem to truly enjoy the greenness of this grass. They probably think this is the perfect place to relax!

These weird birds, unlike their brethren of different species, are not night birds. They go out in the day, legs a-hopping. And as they prefer open spaces instead of trees, seeing these gaze out of the grass is indeed a sight to behold.

No More Chinch Bugs Thanks to Our Eco Solutions

You probably noticed what’s wrong with the picture below right away. A spot on this homeowner’s lawn was dry, discolored, like a bad patch of grass. And the main culprit? Chinch bugs.

These little pests are a threat to your lawn if left untreated. It can suck the life out of your greens, and to add insult to injury, they even infect it with their toxins! With these abominations on your lawn, your grassland will become a wasteland in no time.

So we have decided to talk to the homeowners about the ongoing infestation on the area. Much to our surprise, they hired us to spray it on the spot. Apparently, they were already aware of who we are through seeing our pictures online (you can check out our Facebook posts here). They signed up for our normal program, and we were happy to welcome them to our family of happy clients.

The Turf in Bonita Springs is Muy Bonita

Pictured above is the beautiful Bonita Bay. For 3 years and counting, this home is the go-to most desirable lawn on the street. That’s all thanks to our proactive approach to treating the lawns for our clients!

Because homeowners see how lovely our work is, we now have five lawns to work with on this street alone. As we truly care about our clients’ satisfaction instead of only getting the job done, our customers get value not only with our quality of work but also with the trust we build between us and your clients. We make sure to fix any problems we encounter right from the start, whether with pest control, plant treatment, or just straight up fertilization. Prevention is better than cure, after all. This can-do attitude and willingness to help others is what separates the winners vs the non-winners in this industry!

Creating gorgeous landscapes won’t just benefit you alone but the community as well. Anyone who passes by and sees a magnificent, green work of art is sure to benefit from it as well.

If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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