Our Grass Masterpiece This First Week Of April

By: Jeff

In time for the spring season, a couple of art exhibits will take place today here in Naples. One of them is an outdoor exhibit called Art in The Park (you can go right now)!

 We at Terra Garden Solutions loves these kinds of outdoor events — they are a part of what makes the SWFL community so awesome.

On your drive there (if you go), you might notice some very green grass — the best of which are ours.  Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed through this week!

Lush & Green After A Cold (by Florida standards) Wet Winter

We Jump on the revival of this lawn in Livingston Woods just over 2 weeks ago. With a cold winter and much rain near the end, it wasn’t in top health. The Bitter Blue grass, a sub-type of St Augustine, needed some expert care to get that lush look and feel that we all enjoy. We fed it with our proprietary blend of fertilizers specifically for the current conditions — just as the climate changes so does our fertilizer to produce top quality.

As you can see, it works! This lawn is now in top notch condition.

On this project we we don’t work for the homeowner directly but rather for a lawn maintenance company. As this lawn company knows, they can rely on us to keep their grass top-notch green in any condition.

Secret Blend For A Picturesque Lawn At Kalea Bay Naples

You might have noticed an awesome new condo development over looking the water. Shift your eyes below the high rises, and you’ll notice lush green grass. We’re the guys responsible to keep that in tip top condition!

Here at Kalea Bay the grass type is Floratam, a cultivar of St Augustine. We treat it with a custom blend considering the climate, just as we did in Livingston Woods, but for this one, also the age. This grass is relatively young and that needed to be accounted for in our blend.

With this lawn, in our hands, no doubt it will be pristine, and picturesque!

Ready to get our expert team, and proprietary blends to make your grass picturesque?  Just contact us… We’re ready when you are!

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