Our Marco Island Story

By: Jeff

Over the past 10 years many customers on Marco Island have asked me about my company’s story. As the years have gone on and we have grown with the island, our story seems to be an ongoing one! I wanted to take some time and write an article of how important our Marco Island community has been to us.

Growing up in Sarasota, my father Michael Juchnowicz owned a local pest control and fertilization company. As I grew up within the company I studied under my Father who is a Chemist and Agronomist, and Will Strickland who is an incredible Horticulturist (Will studied under the top Horticulturist in Florida, Lynn Griffith). Thanks to these two gentleman and plenty of others, I was one of the youngest Pest Control license holders ever in the State of Florida, having taken the test shortly after turning 18.

Pictured Left: My father Michael Juchnowicz and I a few years ago at dinner.

I first moved to Naples in 2008 and attended FGCU as a Marine Science Major/Environmental Studies Minor. While attending FGCU, my Father thought it was a great idea for me to have my own Pest Control truck so I could pick up accounts and work on Fridays and Saturdays (At the time I was not a fan of this idea!!)

I started by walking door to door in different parts of Collier and Lee counties until I finally picked up my first account. My first account was on Marco Island! Right off of N. Barfield Dr. a gorgeous corner lot with lots of grass so I could show off what I had learned from my Father and Will. Within weeks my hard work was evident as the lawn went from pale yellow to a solid green. The following month I had 2 neighbors come up and ask me for estimates and also the maintenance company servicing the property referred me to two additional properties they couldn’t get to look good. This is how my Marco Island story had begun.

Pictured above is my first ever account on Marco Island!

As my company has grown on Marco Island, what has separated us from the competition is that we have customized specific fertilizer blends that are tailored to the Marco Island soils. Also, because we are a bulk buyer of fertilizer, we get our product directly from the manufacturer. Where most lawn companies will go to their local landscape supply store, buy a bag that has been marked up 100% by the middlemen, then apply it to your landscape for another 100% markup. This process is inefficient and costly to you.

Pictured above is 2 of our specially blended fertilizers for Marco Island.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read our story, it has truly been humbling to read our company reviews and to provide such a great product and service to our Marco Island Community.

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