Pine Ridge Estates and Livingston Woods Customized Program

By: Jeff

Most of our customers in Pine Ridge Estates and Livingston Woods use well water for some aspect of their living, whether it be their water systems or for irrigation. The reason we have grown so much in these areas over the past 3 years is our customization to their soils and adaptation to the customers needs in these areas. I thank all of our current customers and am so proud of our excellent reviews on Google and Facebook!

1. Groundwater – Minimizing Leaching

When my father Michael Juchnowicz started his Pest Control company in Sarasota, FL in the 70’s he vowed to always be 10 years ahead of the industry, citing the backwards thinking of many Pest Control companies and the Pest Control Lobby. Fast forward to 2018 and his company is the largest end user of fertilizer and high end insecticides in the state of Florida. Following his lead, I started my own company in a place I fell in love with, Naples, FL.

Pictured Above/Left: My father Michael Juchnowicz and I a few years ago at dinner.

One thing my father was always passionate about was respecting groundwater and minimizing our effect on the local environment. He was credited with massively helping the Sarasota Bay by changing his Pest Control/Fertilization Program (Linked Bottom). I wanted to build on his legacy so both he and I created a custom program for my Pine Ridge Estates and Livingston Woods customers.

Our first step of the plan was to minimize applications of cheap chemistry. Almost every Pest Control company in Naples sprays the lawn 6-10 times a year with cheap chemistry. The problem with that sort of program is that these companies generally use “old” chemistry that have more leaching qualities. If you are in an area with well water, that is not a strategy you want your pest control company employing.

Our program in these areas is simple. Buy high end chemistry, apply 1-2 times per year. Although the upfront cost of the chemical is higher by 30-50x the price of the cheap chemistry, we spend less man power re-applying and we spray overall less chemistry on the ground. Here is a study quote on the chemistry we do apply in these areas “it was consistently demonstrated that when applied there was no detectable leaching”.

2. Custom Fertilizers

In Pine Ridge Estates and Livingston Woods you have higher soil pH’s than in other areas. This problem is exacerbated by unknowing lawn companies fertilizing the lawn with whatever was sold to them over the counter by their local fertilizer sales rep. Not knowing the pH balance of your fertilizer can cause a constant uptick in your pH over years culminating in your lawn not retaining color easily. Your lawn only staying green after fertilization for 2-4 weeks is a big indicator that your lawn company is not providing the proper fertilizer blend you need, thus wasting time and money.

Pictured: Our custom blended fertilizer!

My father and I took soil samples of 5 Pine Ridge Estates homes and 5 Livingston Woods homes and blended a custom fertilizer just for these areas. The good news is we don’t answer to the local fertilizer sales reps, we go directly to the fertilizer manufacturer and order our product. This means we don’t pay for 2-3 stages of middle men before it hits your lawn, it goes from the producers to the end users. This process saves us time and money, and thus saves you money and headaches.

About the Author:

Jeff Juchnowicz

Jeff began working for his fathers pest control and fertilization company in 2004. During that time he studied under The Horticulturist, Will Strickland and his father who is a chemist and agronomist, Michael Juchnowicz. He was the youngest L&O Pest Control License holder in the state having passed the test directly after his 18th birthday. Soon thereafter Jeff went to FGCU to study Marine Science/Environmental Studies. In 2008 he moved from Sarasota to Naples/Fort Myers to start his own company which eventually became known as Terra Garden Solutions. With a focus on an unparalleled level of service and a resounding commitment to quality products, the company has grown leaps and bounds. Today you will find Jeff in his truck and monitoring properties we service. Occasionally you will see him out with his Yorkie dog Barkley, don’t be afraid to smile and say hey!

How My Father Helped The Sarasota Bay:

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