Preventative Palm Treatments and Ant Control for Southwest Florida Homeowners

By: Jeff

Every week, we feature what we do to create amazingly beautiful turf in your lawns. Our team doesn’t just work with grass, though! Read on to find out what else we do for our clients all over Southwest Florida.

Transforming Sick Yellow Palms to a Healthy Green in Naples FL

Yards that are filled with palm trees look like a tropical paradise! You can sit back and imagine you’re on a beach getaway. But you know what can be very offputting during your time of relaxation? Seeing how yellow your palms are!

A healthy palm tree’s leaves should be a beautiful shade of green. And they SHOULD be green throughout the year. If your palm’s leaves are a lingering yellow (aside from the old palm fronds that naturally fall off), then there might be a problem. One major cause is the lack of essential nutrients like magnesium and nitrogen in the soil.

Do you see the fertilizer your current company puts out? It might not be enough. We take great pride in having nice healthy palms that can be shown off on your property. Many companies choose to ignore crucial palm fertilizer on their properties and opt to “hope for the best”. That definitely is not us!

We are proactive in maintaining your landscape plants and trees. Take a look at our preventative palm treatments here.

Ridding Coconut Palms of Pests in SWFL

Your palm trees could have more problems aside from yellowing leaves. Take a look at the picture above. It’s a coconut palm. You can usually tell if one is sick—the damage is quite obvious. If your coconut palm looks like it’s declining, then it truly might be!

There are many insects that love pestering the beautiful coconut palm. The spiraling whitefly just loves these types of palms and can cause significant damage to the fronds. To solve this, we offer a very special service program that is exclusive to our clients. This program can eliminate any pests, with a prevention warranty that lasts one year.

If you think your coconut palm tree is sick, we’d love to check out what might be wrong and customize a unique program just for you.

Ant Pest Control for Florida Homeowners

This last service doesn’t involve palms, BUT is very important for any homeowner!

Pictured above is the exterior of an ant nest. These tiny creatures might not seem like much, but they can be a huge nuisance if they are the kind that has very painful bites. Fire ants, anyone? Your kids and pets are at their mercy if this problem is not solved!

Most DIY fixes, such as pouring hot water into an ant nest, are temporary. At Terra Garden Solutions, we have a year-long solution AND we are running a special on it! The first 30 homes that sign up for our ant treatment will only pay $95. This is for homes under or around 1/3 of an acre of property. We only have 30 slots open this month, and we want to offer this amazing price and product to our local homeowners from Fort Myers to Naples. Contact us before these slots run out.

If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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