Projects that Boost the Beauty of Green Spaces in Southwest Florida This Fall

By: Jeff

What time is it? It’s pumpkin season!

With fall just hanging right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to go someplace filled with plump pumpkins, delicious food, and cocktails? Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, everyone is bound to enjoy attending the annual Naples Fall Walk. Enter a world full of enchanting wonders this weekend where all are welcome to enjoy. You can purchase your tickets here.

For those who are interested in the Fall Walk but can’t attend, imagine being able to enjoy the beauty of the Fall Walk in the comfort of your own yard. You won’t have to venture someplace else when you already have it at home! It can be made possible thanks to the services we offer at Terra Garden Solutions. That’s how our clients were able to enjoy their greenspaces!

Check out or most popular services below!

Eco-Friendly Pest Control to Keep Your Naples Yard Pest-Free

Your yard is an open invitation to all things good and bad, and by bad we mean pests. Lots of pests. Pests that crawl, pests that fly. And you don’t want to have any of those in your yard!

The first step to preventing a pest problem in your yard is to identify what kind of pest you have. In most cases we’ve handled, ants are often the most disastrous and common pests that infest yards in Naples.

You might think that a small critter can’t possibly do any harm to you and your yard. But don’t let the small ant fool you! As tiny as they are, they can cause a lot of trouble when they’re in groups. Apart from creating ant hills, they are also notoriously known for boring holes in your beloved flowers and shrubs. They can also potentially travel towards your home and cause further damage by getting all over your food, furniture and you. Their sting can be painful and can cause infections for those with sensitive skin. So it’s important to keep them away from your home!

Ants aren’t easy to get rid of with simple home remedies, and attempting to eradicate them yourself could hurt you. In order to avoid ant relapses in your yard, we have a granular product that can effectively get rid of their presence for 3 seasons long. Not only is it very effective, but it is also proven to be safe, biodegradable and eco-friendly. We won’t be using any harmful pesticides or poison that can harm other living organisms such as the birds and bees in your yard or your beloved pets.

Getting rid of pesky ants has never been more environmentally friendly. And affordably priced at $95.00, you can eliminate fire ants from your yard for almost an entire year.

Buying this product ensures not only the safety of your yard and plants but yourself as well. We all know how much damage ants can bring once they step into our kitchen and furniture. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Make Your Chinch Bug Problems Go Away in SWFL

The grass should always be greener when your yard is healthy. But if you’ve been experiencing brown grass even if summer’s far away, there’s a chance that you might be infested with chinch bugs!

The first obvious sign of chinch bug problems is when your grass is abnormally turning brown even if the weather isn’t all that hot. Chinch bugs are often the root cause behind this due to their feeding frenzies. They suck the nutrients of the grass shoots and leave them poisoned, causing them to wilt and dry out.

Chinch bugs can ruin an entire yard within a matter of days which is why it’s important to get them controlled as soon as possible. If your grass has turned yellow due to a chinch bug problem, your yard can still be saved. We offer treatments for chinch bugs by eliminating the problem and keeping chinch bugs under control with a seasonal plan.

Our team works diligently with comprehensive pest management, inspecting the properties we handle with every visit. This is a proactive approach, compared to other companies that wait before things get worse before acting. Thus we are able to nip the problem at the bud, making sure that our clients’ lawns will always look amazing and remain the envy of neighbors.

Once you get your yard treated with our help, rest assured that you can relax this season

Plant and Lawn Fertilization that Surrounds You with Natural Beauty

Sometimes you need to check for signs whether or not a plant needs fertilizer. Some plants can survive for a pretty long time even without fertilizer and some plants need to be nurtured often in order to survive.

If your plant takes forever to grow, turns yellow or green often even without the presence of pests, or if you always find yourself sweeping up leaves often, then your plant needs fertilizing. Fertilization helps keep your plants healthy and enables them to grow at a steady pace. But choosing the best fertilizer can be tricky because not all fertilizers are the same!

Our team offers fertilizer for plants and your lawn. We have a unique, specialized fertilizer blend that we customize based on the needs of our clients’ properties. We always make sure that the palms, flowers, shrubs, and turf have access to a healthy balance of nutrients. Our fertilizer helps get rid of any problems that come with nutrient deficiencies.

Once your lawn is properly fertilized, rest assured that you can expect your flowers blooming and your turf to get lusher in no time!

Protect your lawns, help your flowers bloom, and keep your turf green. If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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