Projects to End July: SWFL Lawn Care for Healthy Turf, Hedges, and More

By: Jeff

Southwest Florida is a wonderful place to live in. You can see that the area is filled with natural beauty, such as springs, beaches, and tree canopies. There is also an abundance of recreational opportunities like parks and golf courses. And that’s not all! Don’t forget the gorgeous homes you can find throughout Southwest Florida—especially the ones we have had the pleasure to work on.

In order to maintain a beautiful home, there are more things to consider aside from the architecture and interior. But what else could there be? Hmmm… Why, lawn care, of course!

We all want to have lawns that look amazing. Lawn care and maintenance shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time, effort, skills, and equipment. But that should not be a cause for worry, because that’s why we at Terra Garden Solutions are here. All clients have to do is put their lawns in the care of our expert hands, and we will make their vision a reality.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Projects in Southwest Florida

As a trusted name in the industry, Terra Garden Solutions knows what is needed to achieve beautiful, lush landscaping. Just take a look at the picture above! These are properties in Grey Oak, Longshore Lakes, and Tiger Tail Beach. We’ve kept these lawns healthy all throughout the year with our regular program.

We also incorporate special treatments to address any issues in the turf. Bionutrients, fertilizer, pest control, tree treatments, and weed control—you name it! Our team of residential lawn care professionals can resurrect your landscape, no matter what the ailment. Furthermore, we only use environment-friendly products so that your lawn will be a safe place for your pets and kids.

Saving Ficus Hedges in Naples from Thrips Infestation

You might have Ficus trees, shrubs, or vines in your lawn. If you do, then your leaves might be harassed by different pests. Take a look at the picture above. Do your leaves look like this? Then you are having trouble with thrips!

This is what a thrip looks like. Tiny terrors, they will feast on your Ficus hedge! The growth of your plants will be stunted, the leaves will curl up, among other adverse health effects. That’s not all. They are often a precursor to having a whitefly invasion, which is a serious pest that can completely defoliate and kill your Ficus hedges.

So what is there for you to do?

Nothing, because our crew will take care of it! Every Ficus hedge on our properties is inspected monthly to ensure that we are proactive in their protection. At the first sign of infestation, we will immediately treat the plant so the quality of your lawns are never ruined.

Constantly Improving Our SWFL Lawn Care Equipment

We want to be able to give our clients our best. Thus, we make sure to continuously improve, not only our skills, but our equipment as well!

Here’s one of our trucks. We had Instant Imprints give it a new wrap so clients can immediately recognize us whenever we service lawns.

And here’s one of the new trucks we are adding to the fleet, which will be wrapped soon. Cobra Hose of Venice did the installation of the spray pumps. With this truck, we will be even quicker when it comes to response time

A supervisor will be driving it when we ride to our properties. If anything is noticed at that time, instead of putting a service request in for our tech to come back out, we will just treat it on the spot! Now that’s what you call proactive.

Are You Excited for Halloween? We Are!

Remember last week when we featured our signs promoting awareness for breast cancer? This week, we prepared a new sign for Halloween! Even though it’s months away we’re very excited to post these on the properties we’re working on.

Stay tuned for more great blog posts about our latest lawn care and maintenance projects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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