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By: Jeff

It’s a wonderful day, you open the window to look outside and you see a beautiful yard from not so far away. Not only does it look good, but it also smells great too. You see your neighbor cutting grass and you can smell the morning dew and the freshly cut grass in the air. It makes the day even more wonderful than it already is.

The color green is known for having to power to help relax your eye muscles. Thus, having a well-kept yard can be very rewarding not just aesthetically but emotionally as well. Gazing at the grass alone can already help trigger happy brain cells. Just imagine what a lawn full of lush, green grass and colorful, bright and aromatic flowers can do to you.

But of course, maintaining a lawn is no easy work. Not only does it take time, but it also needs patience, experience, materials, and a green thumb. Don’t have the time for all the work but still want to get the lawn of your dreams? That’s where we come in. We make sure that you get a quality lawn makeover that’s worth every penny spent.

Read on to find out how to beautify your yard and where we come in.

Think Pink with Gorgeous Hibiscus in Your Naples Lawn

Pink is a very beautiful color. It goes well with any other color and it’s sure to give a pop of color in your yard. This gorgeous flower pictured above is called a hibiscus. In the language of flowers, hibiscus is often related to the idea of love and beauty. It’s the perfect flower for a garden.

Regardless of the season, these flowers stand strong and proud, except for a few extremely sunny days but not to worry, their bloom may be short-lived for a day but their regeneration powers are quick too. As soon as the temperature cools down, this flower quickly wakes up again.

Taking care of a yard full of these flowers can be quite tedious. But it’s all worth the work every time you see your plants growing happy and healthy. The mere presence of a few flower patches can immediately brighten up your home or garden.

If you need help keeping your hibiscus healthy, our expert team will take care of it. We’ve been working with plants for so long that we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve along with services such as pest control and land fertilization to ensure that your hibiscus will bloom beautifully

Fertile Soil for Happy Flowers in Southwest Florida

Bougainvilleas are a very common type of flower that people love not only because they look wonderful but also because they require less tending and maintenance. It’s a perfect choice for busy garden owners.

These flowers love dry weather. Unfortunately, they are currently not in season. But not to worry as they will be soon this October. That’s also the time when we put our bloom busting fertilizer on them and they flush out new flowers. They grow quickly and kick into gear for the dry season ahead.

Why fertilizer? Infertile or unhealthy soil is a disaster for your turf and blooms. Thus, checking your soil’s condition is an important step in maintaining a lawn. We offer lawn fertilization that can help boost the nutrients and liven up your soil. Through this process, the soil becomes richer and healthier. You can expect the best results for any type of flowers or shrubs you want to have with our services.

Busting Lawn Intruders in Naples and the Surrounding Areas

Aside from unhealthy soil, nothing else can break a gardener’s heart more than seeing pests in their garden. A common example of an annoying visitor is the lubber. We practice pro-active pest control, so we never let these big ole lubbers reach full adulthood on the properties we work on. Catching them when the first heat of the spring comes is our top priority! We’ve found that they are much easier to get when they are small and in clumps, compared to the large ones that munch, chew and spread far and wide!

The presence of lubbers in your garden or any other pests for that matter is a call for pest control. Letting them thrive and grow on your turf and plants will leave you with ruined patches and a sad yard. investing in pro-active pest control can bring many benefits for you and your lawn. Get a lush and healthy yard with our pest control services today.

Remember, a happy garden brings more happiness to its owner!

Protect your lawns, help your flowers bloom, and keep your turf green. If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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