Rain-or-Shine Lawn Maintenance This Third Week of May

By: Jeff

This third week of May, it’s mostly been muggy and warm but we’ve had higher chances of rain for the weather forecast. Because of the cold front, a few storms are brewing up north. So don’t forget to bring an umbrella when you leave the house!

Heavy rains can cause damage to your lawn (and an umbrella won’t help your turf much). There are several ways to protect your lawn from this type of weather, and one of them is to fertilize your lawn. Doing so will replenish your grass with the vital nutrients that the rains wash away. Lucky for you that lawn fertilization is one of our specialties, so you know who to call just in case.

Terra Garden Solutions has been busy this week, whether the weather has brought heat or showers. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

We’re Leveling Up Our Equipment

Check out the brand new machine that was delivered to our shop just this week. Other companies use push spreaders, which have some limitations. Push spreaders require pushing from humans to work (well of course, it isn’t called pull spreader, right?). People get tired, so speed and productivity is affected. We can’t have that if we want beautiful greenscapes on our properties.

The spreader pictured above is different, so you don’t have to worry. Our spreader has a motor that lets us spread fertilizer more efficiently, evenly, and quickly. With the ability to put out more material, our team gets on and off your property faster while making your lawns healthier than the rest!

Sandy Soil in Your Lawn? Challenge Accepted!

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is a flower from the pink hibiscus tree, which is a great way of adding color to any lawn. The grass in the background is immaculate as well, even if it’s out of focus in the image.

These didn’t come out magnificently on their own, though. The client this property belongs to lives on Marco Island, a place known to have areas with very sandy soil. This makes it hard for the soil to hold nutrients, which can affect the beauty of your lawn.

Our team came in and solved that with our custom blended fertilizer. Our work started a week ago, and the lawn has never looked better. We are happy to bring out the best in trees and turf with our custom fertilization to keep our clients happy!

Bringing Out the Beauty of Lawns in Horse Creek

Getting people in areas to hire us for our lawn services is a lengthy street-by-street process. We often start off with one or two clients. When their neighbors see the green grass we are able to bring out, they usually call us in to do work on their properties as well. Earning their trust is not easy, but the outcome is definitely worth it!

This brings us to our next project located in Horse Creek, Buckingham. Although we weren’t handling any houses nearby, these clients were referred by their co-worker who trusts in our services. With how large their lot is, we have two guys on site working on the turf for most months. Maintenance usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

We faced a few challenges on this project. Some low lying areas in the grass held more water, and some higher lying areas were drier as well. Despite this, we were able to create beautiful yards for this beautiful family. We are thankful to our client for giving us the chance of working on this fulfilling project.

Let Terra Garden Solutions bring out the beauty of your property. Get in touch with us by calling 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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