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Expert Pest Control

Our mantra is simple: Quality over Quantity

For over 20 years we have had success protecting homes like yours by using high quality products.

By using newer and safer products we not only protect your home from pests, but we also protect your family and pets. Insects are always adapting, so we should too. We are always on the cutting edge of safer and more effective products to rotate. Our family is committed to your family. 

Flea and Tick Protection

No Pet owner wants to deal with the headache Fleas and Ticks cause. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our program ensures that your property will be protected from unwanted intruders. Your pet should be able to your yard it without suffering the consequences.

You do a lot for your pets and take pride in protecting them, which is why we make it easy for you with our Online Estimates.

Mosquito Control

Take control of the outside again! Isn’t this the reason we are in Florida in the first place?

We know the nuisance of mosquitos and the diseases they carry and we want to help. We set forth a program of new integrated products to help protect your family.

Our program enacts three state of the art ways of prevention:

  • Repel – Repel them from your property.
  • Control – Control the population.
  • Elimination – Eliminate the current population.

  • We know you are busy, so we provide many treatment options that are custom to you. Whether you are here seasonally, or all year long – we can help!

    Preventative Palm Treatments

    If you’ve ever dealt with it before you know how upsetting it is: a preventable disease infects your palm tree. You’ve spent a lot installing your landscape, but it doesn’t end there when protecting your investment.

    We provide all the injections needed for Palm tree disease prevention.

    Ficus Protection and Recovery

    The moment when you look over and realize your hedge is missing a lot of leaves is the moment we will help you to avoid.

    Our Ficus treatment program focuses on quality and effectiveness of product. We don’t want to waste our time and your money on once a month treatments that have limited effectiveness. We want to stream line our service to you as much as possible so that you aren’t wasting money on frivolous methods of application. We use products that are long lasting. We invest in better chemicals so we don’t have the issues that other companies have.

    With our program your Ficus only has to be sprayed once every 6 months. We use a better control method, and it saves you money. That is a win-win.

    Expert Plant Fertilization

    Bloom Bloom Bloom

    Our custom blended fertilizers are made to provide a healthy balance of nutrients to your shrubs, flowers and palms.

    Palm nutrient deficiencies are a thing of the past with our palm fertilizer mix. We provide the balance needed for your palms to live a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Stubborn flowers can be forgotten. Our fertilizer for flowers allows the plant to bloom and flush.

    Shrubs looking weak? We don’t like those dark green veins inside a pale leaf also. It needs some food, and our shrub fertilizer provides just that.

    Expert Lawn and Plant Pest Control

    When it comes to your Lawn and Shrubs we know how important it is to make it beautiful, peaceful and safe. Many companies come once every few weeks and spray the yard, killing the beneficial insects, and killing your will to go out into your yard.

    Our commitment to quality forbids us from putting you in that situation.

    We believe that using newer and safer chemicals is the most effective way to combat the ever-changing landscape of insects and also protect your family and pets from chemicals that may harm them. Our investment into our products can be seen in the results of our customer’s homes, many companies use cheap labor-intensive products that are not only less effective, but also less safe. Our products are more effective, and our applications are less often.

    Expert Lawn Fertilization

    For over 20 years we have custom blended our fertilizer to suit your soil needs.

    Our properties look great because of our investment into our product. Most companies’ just use a simple spray fertilizer every few weeks, it will be green for a week or two, and then back to pale. In doing so they don’t realize the damage to your soil they are causing – raising the pH.

    Our fertilizers are granular applications in which we carefully manage your soil’s pH. Also we don’t use any granule fertilizer that will leave those awful orange stains.

    Our Green Magic Fertilizer is long lasting and quick acting and is tailored to our SWFL soil compositions.

    Let us help you!

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