Starting May Fresh With Lawn Care in Southwest Florida

By: Jeff

We have great news for all you golf enthusiasts out there!

Hideout’s Justin Bertsch, a Naples resident, and Royal Poinciana’s Andrew Filbert, Bonita local, have both finished in the Top 20 during the PGA Professional Championship in Bluffton, South Carolina. This means they will head to Bethpage Black on May 16-19 as qualifiers for the PGA Championship by the Professional Golfer’s Association of America! Everybody at Terra Garden Solutions congratulates them for their great achievement. Read about how they did it here.

Do you know what our favorite thing about golf is? It is the wide green spaces that serve as the playing area of every golfer, giving everyone a fresh breathtaking view. There is no room for artificial golf turf in our hearts though – we love it real and natural here at Terra Garden Solutions.

Taking care of natural green spaces is hard work, though. There’s weeds, insects, and fertilizer to worry about. Good thing we have a team of experts for all of that. We have offered our expertise to clients all over Southwest Florida. Here are a few examples of projects we have helped our clientele with.

Bringing Out Beauty With Fertilizer in Fiddlers Creek

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a shrub bursting with color right in your front yard? Pictured above is a lovely tropical vining shrub known as bougainvillea. It might look as if it is full of blossoms, but those are actually very special brightly-colored leaves that last quite long!

Keeping your bougainvillea vibrant can be difficult though. The wrong fertilizer can result in a lackluster appearance that proud homeowners definitely do not want. Our long-time client of four years had us help with their garden in Amador, Fiddlers Creek. Our crew applied custom plant fertilization as part of our normal services. We made sure to use granular fertilizer, a better choice compared to its liquid counterpart. You can see how effective it is with how wonderfully the bougainvillea bloomed.

Saving Phoenix Palms From Lethal Bronzing in Naples Florida

Have you seen palms like this? Do you have one in your front lawn, back yard, or any of your green spaces? Well, you might want to keep it from contracting a fatal disease called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, which is now known as lethal bronzing.

All Phoenix palms are susceptible to this commonly occurring and fatal disease. A single palm with lethal bronzing can destroy every other palm exposed to it – it’s called lethal for a reason! Considering how long it takes for Phoenix palms to mature, and how expensive a replacement can be, having them all die out is sad news.

Fortunately, a single injection can prevent the spread of this disease to your palm. In less than ten minutes, we saved the palm pictured above from contracting TPPD. Done quarterly, your palms will be completely safe from lethal bronzing. We’ll keep your wallet safe from the ridiculous cost of replacing dead palms, too!

Say Goodbye to Oleander Caterpillars in Your Green Spaces

Oleanders can bloom in alluring hues of pink and white, which can create a beautiful focal any garden. They are a hardy type of plant, surviving the harshest of conditions. This shrub has one enemy though, and that is the Oleander Caterpillar pictured above.

The tiny critter might look cute if you can look past the creepy black fibers, but it can actually cause severe damage to oleanders. Your once beautiful blooming oleander can turn into a lifeless stem with just one of these caterpillars.

You can’t go around your lawn catching caterpillars one by one, though. At Terra Garden Solutions, we can help you keep your lawn peaceful and beautiful with our lawn and plant pest control services. We will go to your location and spray safe, environment-friendly chemicals that keep your loved ones from harm while keeping nasty bugs out.

Do you want to give your green space a fresh start this May? Get in touch with us by calling 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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