The Quarry Transformation

By: Jeff

If you live in The Quarry or Twin Eagles area (Longshore Lakes and Quail Creek also) you know the struggle of keeping a nice lawn year round. As we have grown within these communities through word of mouth and neighbors seeings their neighbors lawns, we are humbled by the response we have received from customers verbally and on our Facebook and Google reviews. So lets get to the project!

The Project: The Quarry Transformation

Now when riding through these communities or enjoying a daily walk, you see these gorgeous homes, modern clubhouses and fancy lakes but there is one problem – The lawns are off color.

Pictured here is a lawn when we started in The Quarry which we were contracted to service. The lawn is clearly deficient but if you know anything about this community, there is an underlying issue.

The Problem:

My first ride through the communities and I knew the problem, the pH is too high, and no lawn companies in the area know how to deal with that. Now fortunately I’m from Sarasota which is known for basic soils and I understand the plan of attack for a high pH.

Pictured here is the property we service compared to the lawn next door. This picture is only from 8 days after we treated, and as you can see the final result is much much greener.

The Solution:

We tailored a specific program to these communities. No other company in these communities has figured out how to solve the underlying issue, which is why our results seem so phenomenal compared to the homes around properties we service.

Pictured here is the final result of our Quarry/Twin Eagles/Quail Creek/Longshore Lakes based program.

Our Results:

The results are clear when driving through these communities, our lawns are the greenest, and stay green for longerWhat is even more rewarding is our response via customer referrals and reviews.

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