Three Lawns, Three Stories This Fourth Week of May

By: Jeff

It’s graduation time this May! Hundreds of graduates have accepted their diplomas during commencement ceremonies they will never forget. This marks the end of one chapter in their lives and the beginning of another. We at Terra Garden Solutions congratulate all graduating students this May 2019 and wish them good luck as they start on new exciting journeys.

Our team has been busy working on our own story as well. For our clients, the chapter of unhealthy, brown turf has been closed as they say hello to much greener, healthier lawns with our help. Here are the beautiful lawn stories we’ve been lucky to be a part of this week.

Dealing With Crabgrass and Dayflower Weeds in Livingston Woods

Once upon a time, there was a lawn that was suffering from an attack of weeds. Luckily, Terra Garden Solutions came in like a knight in shining armor!

Weeds aren’t just harmless plants. They might seem hardly noticeable, but an invasion of weeds can take over your garden and leave your fruits, vegetables, grasses, and flowers in a sad state. This house we service in Livingston Woods, Naples, FL was dealing with an influx of crabgrass and dayflower weeds

Our team came in and completely eliminated the problem, bringing out the magnificence in their St. Augustine turf. We even specially formulated a fertilizer for the soils there. Now, the homeowner has the most captivating yard and the healthiest grass in the area.

Home by home, and street by street we have continued to grow in that area as more and more homeowners see the beauty of our hard work.

Proactive and Communicative Lawn Care On Orange Blossom Road

The next chapter in our book takes us to Orange Blossom road in a beautiful gated community. One of our trusty technicians took this picture, showing how healthy and lush the turf is on the property. Our team of technicians take time-stamped pictures of client’s properties they are currently working on. This activity allows us to regularly check if anything looks off during a definitive time and date. Was their chlorine damage? Is there a problem with irrigation? A single picture is worth a thousand words!

At Terra Garden Solutions, we always try to be communicative throughout our team on any issues a property may have. This allows us to address problems as we see them come through, separating us as a company that is proactive instead of reactive.

Helping Zoysia Turf Stand Out in Port Royal

For our last featured project, we worked on Zoysia turf in Port Royal. These happy customers have been with us for over 3 years now. If you’re wondering why they’re so satisfied with our services, it’s because of our specially blended fertilizer for Zoysia, as well as our special program for Zoysia turf.

So how’d we get so good with Zoysia? When we were just starting out in Naples around 5 years ago, we worked extensively with Zoysia. The Zoysia yards we worked on looked so good that of our first 50 accounts, 30 were Zoysia! These yards even looked great in the winter while other Zoysia lawns were languishing. Our history with Zoysia is such a strong one that our grass continually outpaces that of other companies. Local landscape companies were so impressed that they called us in to start doing properties for them.

Fast forward to the present, and we are handling a large number of Zoysia yards for many different landscape companies in Port Royal and downtown Naples. And the funny thing is that some people don’t even know we service their yard!

Our team at Terra Garden Solutions continues to make the Zoysia in Southwest Florida looking its best. Cheers to more referrals from our homeowners and landscape friends!

Do you want your lawn’s story to have a happy ending? Get in touch with us by calling 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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