Zoysia – Kyllinga Invaders

By: Ken Wilson

Your Zoysia is being invaded. You may not know the name of this weed, but it can out-compete your grass in wet season, dry season, shade and sun. It’s Kyllinga, a type of sedge that is extremely hard to control.

Prevention is the key! Kyllinga usually starts in the wetter areas of the turf, but can grow from there. It is a florescent yellow/green color with white “nuts” on top when seeding. Kyllinga grows faster than your Zoysia, making it extremely noticeable in the winter. If you aren’t having your Zoysia treated with pre-emergent, you are falling behind.

Educating our customers on the importance of pre-emergence when these grasses our present is of the highest priority. We try be inclusive with our program and not up-charge you to death, however pre-emergence is not included with any of our programs, but is recommended in spring/fall.

If you would like an estimate for these services we can gladly provide them to you. We are a pro-active company and take pride in the product we put out on a daily basis. If you have any questions please call us at 239-529-6305!

About the author 

Ken Wilson

Long time career in the home services industry from remodeling to patio construction. Currently residing to in SWFL and active contributor to multiple home & garden publications.