Green Beginnings for Green Communities in Southwest Florida

By: Jeff

May has just started. Do you know what that means? Mother’s day is just around the corner! This May 12, we commemorate all the mother figures we have in our lives. And what better way to celebrate than with some great food. Naples News compiled a list of lovely places to have brunch in Fort Myers, Bonita, and Naples. Check it out here.

Terra Gardens Solutions is having a very exciting start of May as well. What greater Mother’s Day gift is there than a lawn full of luscious green turf and blooming flowers? We’ve been helping clients all over Southwest Florida achieve the breathtakingly beautiful grass they have always wanted.

Read on to take a look at what has made our month so a-May-zing!

Working Our Green Magic With Special Fertilizer

If you are wondering how we create the greenest lawns in South West Florida, this is our secret. Well, not so secret since we just love talking about it! Pictured above is our spring blend that we usually apply in the month of March. Since this is drop shipped from Sunniland directly to our shop, we get to cut out all the middlemen. Thus, we get to deliver the best products at the best prices for all our loyal clientele.

This blend helps the color and lushness of turf really come out, as well as keep the grass consistently healthy. You can really tell which customer is ours on the road with how beautiful their lawns are!

Barks and Blossoms on Marco Island

During a drive down South Heathwood road on Marco Island, there were several lovely lawns. Guess to whom the most captivating ones belonged? Our clients, of course! We noticed a customer of ours on their lawn enjoying their garden so we stopped to say hi.

Our customer had tried several local companies before, but their lawn was never treated correctly nor their palms fertilized. Now that they have hired us to handle lawn maintenance, they are extremely elated with how well their lawn looked!

It was quite a hot 88-degree day. Luckily, our furry sidekick, Barkley, found the perfect shady spots on a nice cool pad. As our customer service representative, he takes his job very seriously. I’m sure he was making sure this lawn was fertilized correctly as he relaxed in the blooms pictured below!

Healthy Lawns Make Happy Customers at Marco Island

For this client on Marco Island, we don’t have a picture of their lawn. Instead, we took a photo of a note these happy homeowners left. We have been servicing their property for over four years now. When we took over their lawn maintenance, their grass was infested with chinch bugs and sod webworms. This combination can do quite the damage on lawns, like dead brown patches.

We came in with our fertilization and spray program, which successfully got rid of all their lawn problems. With the help of our effective services, they were lauded with having the best grass on their street for years. Their neighbors were quite impressed. We eventually picked up two more clients across the street and three more down the street!

They just sold their property and referred us to the new homeowners as specified in the note. We look forward to working with the new residents soon.

Let Terra Garden Solutions create lush greenscapes for you homeowners to enjoy. Get in touch with us by calling 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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