Lawns Straight Out of a Movie for the Second Week of April

By: Jeff

Did you know that the Naples Planning Advisory Board plan on replacing the old Sears department store and automotive center with a luxury movie theater? Although Sears’ departure might be sad news for some, the innovative CMX Cinébistro is a breath of fresh air as it will be the first theater along Golden Gate Parkway in years.

We at Terra Garden Solutions enjoy developments like this, just like how our projects are great developments for the neighborhoods we get the chance to work on. Check out some of the grassy sceneries we got to work on this week.

Healthier Turf, Happier Communities in Millbrook

Speaking of cinema, this scene looks fit for a movie setting! This project is a subdivision called Millbrook located inside Fiddler’s Creek. A pleasant community south of Naples near Marco Island, the entire area is beautiful, and their green lawns make it more so.

So how did their grass and other plants get so healthy? Our dedicated team at Terra Garden Solutions have worked on all 110 homes here. Each month, a 4-man team goes out to do maintenance for an entire day to make sure everything is perfect. This is done regularly so that homeowners don’t need to lift a finger when it comes to their lawns.

The subdivision’s maintenance company subcontracted us under our large community specialty program. They are one of over 30 communities that have hired us in Naples. As you can see in the picture, these neighborhoods are by far the greenest and healthiest properties in the area with our hard work.

Keeping Tropical Florida Green, One Tree at a Time

You might think this pineapple palm in Kings Lake Area is just a little brown due to the heat, but it’s actually dying. Lethal bronzing is the culprit, a disease that has been encroaching in Southwest Florida for years. Once a tree is infected, it can no longer be saved. You would have no choice but to replace it, which can be very expensive.

Cases like this are now getting more frequent than ever. Luckily, lethal bronzing can be prevented with treatments we at Terra Garden Solutions offer. Our team can perform OTC injections on all varieties of Date Palms. This will be done every quarter, and costs a lot less compared to replacing a large palm tree. In as quick as 10 minutes, we can save your trees from demise.

The Secret to Scenic Lawns

Do you want to know what our secret to keeping your lawns healthy is? Over the past 20 years, we have customized special blends, like the winter fertilizer pictured below, to create green grass as well as build up soil microbes for more effective fertilization. We constantly improve our formulae, which is why it gets better and better year after year. Driving down the street, you can probably tell who our customers are by how wonderfully green their front yards are!

Here’s our dog Barkley, who makes sure all our blends are just right. He’s hard at work inspecting the fertilizer for its organic components. He definitely is our top dog!

A healthy turf and healthy plants make for healthy and happy living. Do you want that for your community? Contact us and we would be thrilled to help.

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