Palm Tree Price Guide: Costs, Buying Tips, and More

By: Ken Wilson

Do you fancy the idea of a palm tree in your garden? It’s time to figure out how much are palm trees in terms of cost and maintenance – so that you can have the tree of your dreams decorate your home with next-level tropical allure.

Small palm trees cost between $15 and $50 each, four- and six-foot-tall palms between $100 and $350, and taller ones are usually between $500 to $2,000. Some fully grown palm trees can even cost $100,000. Transport, planting, and maintenance can add to the price.

There’s more to the cost of palm trees than just the tree itself. You must consider transporting, planting, and maintaining your tropical plant to ensure it has a long, healthy life for years to come. This palm tree price guide leaves no stone unturned!

The Average Cost of Palm Trees

So, how much does a palm tree cost? The answer isn’t straightforward because various factors influence the price, such as the species, dimensions, age, supply and demand, location, transport, planting, and maintenance factors.

If you’re looking for a common indoor or small palm tree, you’re looking at spending between $15 and $50, which doesn’t hurt your wallet because you can transport and plant it yourself.

The cheapest way to get the tree of your dreams is to buy a small 1- to 5-gallon plant and grow it yourself. You can expect your young palm to grow between 1 to 6 feet per year, depending on the species.

How much do palm trees cost if they’re larger or fully grown? The cost is likely upwards of $100 for a 6-foot palm, but the taller you go, the more expensive they’ll be. More exotic species like King and Queen Palms will cost more per foot.

The below table will give you an idea of the price range of common species – from small pots to fully-grown ones.

Common Types of Palm TreesAverage Cost
Areca Palm$45 to $250
Bamboo Palm$60 to $350
Bottle Palms$40 to $80
California Fan Palm$100 to $500
Christmas Palm$80 to $150
Coconut Palm$60 to $1000
Foxtail Palm$55 to $275
King Palm$25 to $700
Lady Palm$50 to $180
Mexican Fan Palm$100 to $675
Needle Palm$24 to $100
Ponytail Palm$50 to $100
Princess Palm$20 to $175
Queen Palm$350 to $750
Royal Palm$300 $1000
Windmill Palm$25 to $300

Factors Affecting Palm Tree Prices

Not all palm trees are equal on the price scale because each species has features that make them unique tropical wonders. These detailed factors will give you insight into why some palms are more expensive than others.

The Species of Palm Tree

The palm tree species plays a significant role in pricing. Some palms are more challenging to grow than others or more difficult to source, which will weigh in on the cost. You will pay lower prices if the tree is indigenous to your area or a common species. If the palm you desire is exotic or needs transport from overseas, the price will reflect it.

If you’re looking for a cheap palm tree alternative without breaking the bank, look for species indigenous to your area, or those that suit your climate. This also means the tree will be well-adjusted and easier to maintain.

Size and Age of the Tree

The most apparent influencing price factor is the tree size. The bigger the tree, the larger the cost, and one foot extra could easily add $80.

So how much does a 10 ft palm tree cost? You’re looking at a minimum price tag of $200 but can easily reach $1000. And how much does a 20 ft palm tree cost? A Royal Palm could cost around $650 for 20 feet, but you’re most likely looking at over $500 for a tree this tall.

Location and Climate

Palm trees have specific climate requirements, and regions with less favorable conditions mean the species would be less common and, therefore, more expensive due to higher demand. Your location from the place of purchase will also influence transport costs.

Transport and Planting Costs

Delivery and planting/installation costs differ per company based on tree size, delivery distance, special equipment needed for installation, and labor. Some companies offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount or are nearby. For example, a 20 ft tree would cost $1500 in labor, delivery, equipment, and planting supplies.

Type “where to buy palm trees near me” in your online search query to get a cheaper delivery cost.

Ongoing Maintenance Expenses

To keep your palm tree healthy, you’ll need to prune it once or twice a year, fertilize it regularly, and ensure pest control if need be. You can find palm-specific fertilizer for $29.99 a 20-pound bag. You may also wonder: “How much does it cost to trim a palm tree?” If you don’t prune the tree yourself, it could cost between $100 and $650, depending on the tree’s size.

Palm Tree Buying Tips

Before you purchase, these tips will ensure you pick the best palm tree for your budget and location and help you keep it healthy for years.

1. Set a Budget

If you’re looking to buy multiple trees, it helps to set a budget and divide it by the number of trees you want. By doing that, you can find which ones are in your price range. You can also opt for smaller trees to keep within your budget and enjoy the thrill of watching something grow.

You should also consider associated costs like installation, transportation, and ongoing maintenance.

2. Research Local Regulations

Ensure your local regulations, zoning laws, and homeowner’s association rules have no limitations on planting palm trees on your property.

3. Select a Reputable Nursery or Supplier

Buy your tree from a reputable source to ensure you get a healthy plant. Some nurseries and suppliers offer a guarantee. You can read reviews to ensure you make a good choice.

4. Choose the Right Palm Species

Palm species have specific needs regarding climate, soil type, and care. Research and choose a species well-suited to your weather and soil conditions.

5. Evaluate the Health of the Palm Tree

Ask the nursery about the tree’s recent transplant history and ensure it is healthy enough to acclimate to its new environment. You should also check for healthy leaves, an adequate root system, and signs of pests or diseases.

Final Thoughts

Palm trees range from $15 to thousands of dollars depending on the species, size, age, climate, transport, installation, and maintenance. A typical medium-sized palm tree should cost between $50 and $200. With the cost out of the way and a few buying tips, you’re ready to choose your dream palm tree!

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