Projects for Proper Maintenance of Landscapes in Southwest Florida

By: Jeff

If you are living in Florida, you will surely notice that its citizens take pride in maintaining the beauty of their surroundings, not only within their doors but outside as well. With their lush lawns and freshly designed homes, you will be amazed at how much time and effort it needs to have such beauty.

It is true that well-maintained landscapes are pleasing to the eye, and it also provides a lot of benefits too. Its soothing atmosphere will greatly contribute to the appearance of your home, and it also provides therapeutic effects on a person through its relaxing appearance and aroma. But in order to have such a garden, maintenance is crucial – you need to ensure that the soil and plants work well with each other. That also includes both taking care of your plants, and eradicating its enemies: not zombies, but pests.

Maintenance is considered to be a hard feat to pull, given that you also need to live your life – working, family time, even your “alone time”. And while it is plausible that allocating a dedicated schedule to maintain your garden is a good idea, at some points, it is not a viable option. Here at Terra Garden Solutions, we throw out that frustrating part of landscape maintenance by handling the messy parts for you. Here are some of the services we offer this week to show you what do we mean by that.

Custom Blended Fertilizers for Landscapes in Southwest Florida

With their vibrant colors and aromatic smell, flowers are a beautiful asset in any garden. They provide variety in your landscape, like how clothes work on humans. And on top of that, flowers also contribute to their surroundings by letting friendly insects such as bees and butterflies spread pollen across the landscape and beyond, resulting in more flowers.

While this ramps up your lawn’s aesthetic, flowers are known to be delicate as well. Whether its roses that are red, or violets that are blue, you have to choose your soil carefully, and even fertilizer, too. This brings us to Terra Garden Solution’s custom-blend fertilizers. By assessing your yard’s soil and checking out the flowers you have in your landscape, we formulate a tailor-fit, uniquely blended fertilizer that will cover all the nutrients your flowers need. Surely enough, seeing these flowers living their days to the fullest will convince you to go outside more often. You may even find it healthier to be outdoors!

A Balanced Approach to Lawn Care in Naples

Aside from fertilization, plants also need protection from any forms of harmful agents – be they pests or even harmful plants. But that does not mean that if you don’t recognize it, it doesn’t belong in your yard. While there are harmful plants that can and will sabotage your garden’s life, there are some “oddballs” that are not a threat to your plants. It’s better to leave them alone, and your landscape will be completely fine.

This balance between plants is what Terra Garden Solutions is taking into practice. Careful consideration in the components of your landscape to create a balance sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We believe that this approach helps our clients optimize their gardens and lawns while we try our best to preserve and protect the environment. 

The Best SWFL Pest Control Services

When maintaining your landscape, you will eventually encounter pests that are always ready to feast on your plants. These plant-eaters are rather destructive and should be exterminated as soon as possible in order to bring the best out of your landscape.

One of those pests is the Lubber grasshopper. They don’t fly like their other friendly grasshopper brethren, but these gluttons are plant-killers, munching each and every leaf of your plant until they’re all gone. And to add insult to injury, not only do they eat a lot, these pesky bugs are poisonous – not to humans, but to animals. If you happen to have a pet like a dog, you’d better make sure to keep Lubbers out of your yard.

Trust us, we encounter lots of pests like this. And with our past experiences with these bugs, we have identified the best ways to remove these unwanted visitors. We have specifically structured our pest control services around exterminating pests without compromising the whole landscape. Our services help homeowners maximize their landscape to its fullest potential and minimize the damage that pests like these can spread.

Protect your lawns, help your flowers bloom, and keep your turf green. If you would like to have a lush greenscape on your property, call us at 239-529-6305 so we can discuss the project you have in mind today.

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